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We have been asked over and over again, "what's with the name Supper Club? Are you guys a food club?" Honestly, it's a bit complicated.

For decades supper clubs served as dining establishments that offered up entertainment - a place where people got together for the evening, had good food, drinks, and socialized for a great time accompanied by some sort of entertaining performance.

Then there were three of us. A group of friends, 2 brothers and one from another mother. We made a pact. We would get together a few nights a week to enjoy some good food, coffee,  and fun. No exceptions or excuses.

We made it happen. As a couple of car nerd foodies, we spent hours of our evenings checking out the latest content from our favorite YouTube car and food channels while discussing cars and the best food & coffee spots around town.

At the end of the day, we are just a few car enthusiasts who have each, in our own right, built-up and sold off some "collection" of new and vintage cars over the years and built a passion and appreciation for the fine details that go into every one. 

We needed an outlet to share our passion with people just like us and thus we founded the Supper Club. If you still don't get why a supper club has anything to do with cars, no worries, we are still trying to make sense of it ourselves.

If you love what we love, welcome to the Supper Club. 

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