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Leaked: The Next Gen BRZ & GR86 Are Near!

Congratulations, it’s twins!

That’s what fan pages all over the Internet are buzzing about lately, now that the Subaru Next Gen BRZ photo has been leaked on the GR86.org forum. The slide with the photo has since been removed at the request of Subaru, but it has fans of the maker more excited than ever that both the BRZ and it’s twin, the Toyota GR86, may be available sooner, rather than later.

So, while the new photo of the Next Gen BRZ is no longer available (though you can look at some spy photos here - we won’t tell!), we can talk about what we do know and what to expect.

What to Expect

For now, most of what we can talk about when it comes to the model and features is speculation. However, previous leaks have suggested both the BRZ and GR86 will sit on a new platform. They also will both feature a forced-induction engine that can produce 252bhp. There were initial reports that these new models would receive a turbocharged engine, which fans were obviously excited about. However, now there is speculation that they will receive the FA24 engine. While it’s bigger, it isn’t turbocharged.

While there is still so much left to learn about both of these models, the spy photos show the BRZ riding next to a Mustang, which definitely piques performance questions and adds even more intrigue and mystery. For now, we’ll have to keep fanning the fires of excitement simply knowing that a release is coming soon!

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