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The New S-Class Reveal Is Around The Corner; Here Is What We Know So Far.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Just a few weeks ago we had our first peek at the new W223 S-Class Mercedes-Benz through leaked photos followed up by official comments and insight from Stuttgart , and here is what we know so far. Mercedes-Benz is unveiling an all new design for their flagship S-Class model that's unlike anything we have ever seen or come to except of a Mercedes. Equipped with the power of next-level technology and a sleek design, Mercedes has gathered the brightest minds to ensure they make a car that sets the standard for not only the entire line-up, but for the entire car industry. With that in mind, lets take a deeper dive into the details.

On May 11th, leaked photos of what appeared to be the new S-Class surfaced online and it sent the car world into a frenzy with mixed emotions. Even amongst the inner-circle of writers here at the Supper Club, we couldn't come to a consensus on how we felt about it. Emotions flared and insults were hurled. The one thing we could all agree on was that the new W223 was going to be very different than what we have become accustomed to.

Next we heard an intriguing interview with Mercedes-Benz CEO, Ola Källenius a couple of weeks later on May 26, revealing that the new S-Class is going to have the latest in technology as he called it a "technological tour-de-force." It includes a massive upgrade in technology which we can only assume drastically improves on the already impressive, semi-autonomous, features in the current W-222 model. You can see that Ola Källenius is anxious to share what he loves about the new model, as are we.

Photos: cochespias via instagram

The new S-Class features a whole new design . Not to mention the technology that the S-Class provides with a stunning new 'Tesla-like' tablet screen that is placed in the middle console and a new generation capacitive "hands-off" detection steering wheel featuring seamless touch controls and sensors that detect where your hands are at all times while behind the wheel, factors that will enhance semi-autonomous features and pave the way for fully autonomous future models.

What really sets the S-Class apart will be its sleek and modern body design and unique light shape and enhanced aggressive front and rear. The back seats feature an ample, relaxing space with comfortable cushions as well as a countless number of screens (which may come standard in the new model). From the photos we've seen, there are three screens attached for the passengers. They are situated in the fold-down console and one behind each front seat that has been designed to fit seamlessly into the modern interiors. 

We predict that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be announced in Q3 to arrive at dealerships in Q4, with the best technology, engine and features on the market unless COVID-19 postpones their plans. There are no talks about a battery-electric option, but that is probably being kept for its EQS flagship electric sedan, but they will have multiple powertrain options such as six- and eight-cylinder engine choices to choose from. 

Thanks to the leak of the vital information and photos on social media, we have been able to have a massive insight into what Mercedes is going to offer in the coming months. Along with the current interviews with the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Ola Källenius. This is going to be a massive launch that is not to be missed because of its advanced technology and powertrain options that will transform the automotive industry. 

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